Tom Bruls

/Tom Bruls

Tom joined ORI in 2016 as a DPhil student and member of Keble College. His research at ORI is conducted in the area of lane detection, scene understanding and trajectory planning.

He completed his BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. His MSc focused on information engineering, more specifically on control (robust and optimal) , but his research interests also include topics such as estimators and machine learning.

During his BSc he was appointed Electronics & Finance manager of University Racing Eindhoven, a student team competing in the Formula Student Electric Competition. As part of his MSc curriculum he conducted an internship at AUDI AG (Ingolstadt, Germany) in the area of autonomous driving. The research focused on generating reference paths from a multi-hypothesis road representation which are then used by the trajectory planner for automated driving in highway and urban environments.