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Dynamic Robot Systems Group researches control, motion planning and navigation for dynamically moving robots. Our work has application to walking, flying and mobile robots. Here’s a playlist of our research videos:

Latest News


DRS will be growing quickly in 2018. Two new projects have been funded by the EPSRC’s research hubs for extreme environments. As part of this investment we will be purchasing state of the art quadruped robot and creating a test lab in the HB Allen Centre.

  • We are advertising for 5 Post Doctoral Researcher positions to start in January 2018. Click here for the Job Advertisement

Interested researchers should contact Dr. Maurice Fallon or Dr. Ioannis Havoutis.


We are excited to say that two EU Projects in the area of walking robots have been funded and will begin in 2018:

  • MEMMO will be led by Nicolas Mansard from LAAS (Toulouse). It will involve motion planning for dynamic legged robots. Partners include MPI (L. Rigetti), Edinburgh (S. Vijayakumar), IDIAP (S. Calinon) as well as PAL Robotics and Wandercraft.
  • THING will be led by Michael Mistry from University of Edinburgh. THING will develop technology and algorithms in all areas of physical contact – such as contact sensing, navigation with contact sensors and better footstep placement. Developments will be centred around the state-of-the-art quadruped ANYmal developed by the Robot Systems Lab in ETH Zurich.


DRS have the following papers appearing in IROS 2017:

  • M Zeestraten, I Havoutis, S Calinon and D Caldwell, “Learning Task-Space Synergies Using Riemannian Geometry”.
  • R Scona, S Nobili, Y Petillot, M Fallon, “Direct Visual SLAM Fusing Proprioception for a Humanoid Robot”.

Pre-prints can be downloaded from the publications page.


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THING EU Project

The subTerranean Haptic INvestiGator Project is an EU H2020 funded project which brings together lead researchers to focus on haptic navigation for walking robots. The project will focus on developing new terrain sensing, estimation and control technology [...]

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Memmo EU Project

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Legged Robots at ORI

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