We have published a number of datasets. Under each heading you will find the associated paper, as well as links to their websites where relevant. We also make some data from other publications available as is.

New College Vision and Laser Dataset

[bibtex key=SmithEtAl:IJRR09]

FABMAP Multimedia Extension Dataset

FABMAP 10k and 100k word vocabularies can be requested here.

[bibtex key=CumminsIJRR08]

Data used in “Navigating, Recognising and Describing Urban Spaces With Vision and Laser”

(ftp) Alog File For November 7th 2008 (180M)

Note: Alogs can be parsed by the software available on The New College Vision and Laser Dataset (see above). If you are prompted for a username and password, use the following:
User: Anonymous
Pass: <leave blank>

[bibtex key=NewmanEtAlIJRR09]

RobotCar Dataset

The Oxford RobotCar Dataset contains over 100 repetitions of a consistent route through Oxford, UK, captured over a period of over a year. The dataset captures many different combinations of weather, traffic and pedestrians, along with longer term changes such as construction and roadworks.

You can find it here:

Vote3D – Example Dataset

An example dataset to run vote3d over to demonstrate train and testing a detector with KITTI data: