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The following is a list of publications for Maurice Fallon This contains PDF pre-prints (which may differ slightly from the final versions). You can easily cite a paper using this bibtex file. Click here for Maurice Fallon’s Google Scholar Profile Journal Papers: Marco Camurri, Maurice Fallon, Stephane Bazeille, Andreea Radulescu, Victor Barasuol, Darwin G. Caldwell, and [...]

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THING EU Project

The subTerranean Haptic INvestiGator Project is an EU H2020 funded project which brings together lead researchers to focus on haptic navigation for walking robots. The project will focus on developing new terrain sensing, estimation and control technology for the Anymal quadruped. In addition to ORI, partners will include ETH Zurich, Poznan University of Technology, Universities of Edinburgh [...]

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Memmo EU Project

The MEMMO (Memory of Motion) Project is an EU H2020 funded project which brings together EU leaders in the field of motion planning and control of dynamic robots. In addition to ORI, partners will include LAAS/CNRS, IDIAP, University of Edinburgh, Max Planck Institute as well as industrial partners such as PAL Robotics, Wandercraft and Airbus. [...]

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Legged Robot State Estimation

A major component in MIT’s DARPA Robotics Challenge walking system for our copy of Boston Dynamic's Atlas robot was the Pronto State Estimator. Our fantastic controller was mainly developed by Scott Kuindersma. The primary input to the controller is the state of the robot estimated using its sensors - position and velocity in 12 dimensions. [...]

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Kinect Monte Carlo Localization

  Kinect Monte Carlos Localization (KMCL) can localize in real time with a simple plane-based 3D building model in real-time using only RGB-D from a lowcost Microsoft Kinect. First an entire building floor of the Stata Center was captured using a Kinect. The data was then used to build a simple plane-based 3D model using PCL (and [...]

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Marine Structure Mapping

We present a novel marine mapping system using an Autonomous Surface Craft (ASC). The platform includes an extensive sensor suite for mapping environments both above and below the water surface. A relatively small hull size and shallow draft permits operation in cluttered and shallow environments. We address the Simultaneous Mapping and Localization (SLAM) problem for [...]

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Man Portable Mapping

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) has been a research focus for many years within the robotics community. Leveraging that expertise, we adapted SLAM algorithms to run on a body-worn sensing and computing package. The user wears a Hokuyo LIDAR, Microsoft Kinect, Microstrain IMU, battery, and laptop. A 2D map is built in real-time using iSAM [...]

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Acoustic Source Tracking

NOTE: This is older work from Dr. Maurice Fallon. I have archived a working version of my code. Please contact me via email if you wish to have a copy as I’m no longer working in this field: My PhD research was in the field of Audio Signal Processing: tracking acoustic sources (people talking) [...]

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Cooperative AUV Navigation

Localization or navigation of AUVs using only onboard local sensors, such as a Doppler Velocity Logger (DVL) or Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), are certain to experience accumulated positioning error. One can, of course, utilize more precise sensors to reduce the rate of accumulated error but uncertainty will eventually grow. We have instead considered two alternative [...]

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