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Accelerating FAB-MAP with Concentration Inequalities

Abstract—We outline an approach for using concentration inequalities to perform rapid approximate multi-hypothesis testing. In a scenario where multiple hypotheses are ranked according to a large set of features, our scheme improves the efficiency of selecting the best hypothesis by providing a “bail-out threshold” at which unpromising hypotheses can be excluded from further evaluation. We [...]

Adaptive compression for 3D laser data

Abstract - This paper concerns the creation of efficient surface representations from laser point clouds created by a push broom laser system. We produce a continuous, implicit, non-parametric and non-stationary representation with an update time that is constant. This allows us to form predictions of the underlying workspace surfaces at arbitrary locations and densities. The algorithm [...]

FAB-MAP 3D: Topological Mapping with Spatial and Visual Appearance

Abstract— This paper describes a probabilistic framework for appearance based navigation and mapping using spatial and visual appearance data. Like much recent work on appearance based navigation we adopt a bag-of-words approach in which positive or negative observations of visual words in a scene are used to discriminate between already visited and new places. In [...]