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FARLAP: Fast Robust Localisation using Appearance Priors This paper is concerned with large-scale localisation at city scales with monocular cameras. Our primary motivation lies with the development of autonomous road vehicles — an application domain in which low-cost sensing is particularly important. Here we present a method for localising against a textured 3-dimensional prior mesh using a monocular camera. [...]

Real-Time Bounded-Error Pose Estimation for Road Vehicles Using Vision

This paper is about online, constant-time pose es- timation for road vehicles. We exploit both the state of the art in vision based SLAM and the wide availability of overhead imagery of road networks. We show that by formulating the pose estimation problem in a relative sense, we can estimate the vehicle pose in real-time [...]

Visual Precis Generation using Coresets

Example of a coreset cluster. The coreset point is indicated in red. Highly similar views are clustered together indicating that the coreset is effective in removing redundancy in the data. Given an image stream, we demonstrate an on-line algorithm that will select the semantically-important images that summarize the visual experience of a mobile [...]